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Mytindahan.net is an online shopping service provided by Sapong Enterprises, a young and dynamic family-owned enterprise based in Cebu City, Philippines.

Our primary offerings are bestselling grocery items and household products available locally in the Philippines. With our fast and efficient delivery, you can enjoy shopping at home and have the goods delivered right to your doorsteps. Filipinos abroad can also buy products for their loved ones in Metro Cebu.

Our business model was inspired by our country’s Sari-sari Stores (Variety Store), which can readily provide basic household and personal products to its community. By creating a network of Mytindahan Merchant Partners in Cebu and other key cities, Mytindahan is able to offer a cost-efficient and convenient online grocery shopping experience.

Mytindahan makes Sari-sari Store concept available online to serve local Cebuano Community and all Filipinos worldwide. MyTindahan has more than one thousand products and has several pre-built packages to make it easier for customers to hand-pick their desired products.

Mytindahan is also a proud winner of Kapamilya Negosyo Na!, a radio reality show on entrepreneurship organized by the University of San Carlos – College of Commerce Alumni Association, ABS-CBN/dyAB1512, and the Department of Labor and Employment. Just recently in 2012, we made our platform available for other online merchants and shop owners by launching the Mytindahan Marketplace. Approved sellers will be able to post their products in our website.

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