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Receive Free Gift In Every Order!

Why Sell Here?

Vendors manage everything

Vendors get full functionality from the frontend dashboard - coupons, discounts, reviews, withdraws, earning reports, support, everything in the frontend!







It Works Easy!

Detailed Reports and Statements

Vendors get a rich sales-earning report, analytics and statement which makes them track every bit of their business and improve upon it.






Multiple product types and Flexible Shipping Rates

In Mytindahan.net, vendors have the full freedom of creating any kind of products.  So basically, you can sell from home-made delicacies to garments to beauty products to downloadable products - anything that your business is offering.  Our platform also comes with its own shipping option that vendors can customize the rate according to store location and delivery address.







Receive sales through Mytindahan MyWallet, GCash or BPI

Nothing is more convenient than online fund transfer.  Sales will be processed within 24hours after the customer verified the receipt of the delivery.








Dedicated Support Ticket System for Vendors.


And most of all

You Can Start Selling For FREE

No sales? No problem.  As a Basic Vendor, just pay a small percentage when you have a sale.  Vendors may also subscribe top Premium Vendor Account to enjoy the full selling potential. See Premium Vendor Fees here