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What are the fees and requirements to be a Vendor?

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We now collect a monthly subscription fee because we have observed that vendors are not taking their accounts seriously when it’s free.  You can choose a subscription package base on your selling needs.  A Service Charge Fee is also being charged when you made a sale.  Service Charge is for operation-related costs in processing the transfer of payments.  The default Service Fee is 5% but is flexible depending on the vendor’s primary products.

We encourage vendors to get verified by submitting the following minimum requirements:

TYPE REQUIREMENTS (scanned copies of)
Verified Vendor
1 valid Government issued ID, Proof of billing, DTI/SEC Certificate & a Facebook account created at least 6 months ago.
Featured Vendor
Verified Vendor +
Package: Growing Business or Booming Enterprise

Note:  These documents will be kept with confidentiality and will not be shared to any third party.

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